PitchBook Alpha List: ranking top VC investors

The venture capital strategy of investing in private emerging growth companies is high risk/high reward; it also makes transparently understanding a firm’s or individual’s investing performance very difficult. This information is important because, among other things, it allows limited partners to evaluate funds and allows entrepreneurs to discover which VCs will ultimately help bring success.…


Where will your information be safe?

In an age of mass information flow, the privacy of users and businesses has never been more threatened. As cyber threats swiftly evolve, cybersecurity innovation must outpace them. And to find the most promising sources of cybersecurity innovation, it’s hard to find a better place to look than where venture capitalists are putting their money.


What goes up must come down

Beginning in mid-2010, more than half of all VC financings have been “up rounds,” done at valuations higher than their previous rounds. Two-thirds of VC financings done at higher valuations will only add to the concerns in the industry about “asymmetrical risk,” for both investors and for founders but especially the latter.

Unicorn Post pic

Best breeding ground for unicorns may not be Silicon Valley

VC fund Atomico recently produced some handy and comprehensive interactive research on unicorns worldwide, starting an industry-wide conversation about the topic. In the aftermath, TechCrunch wrote about unicorns (companies that have received venture funding and a valuation of $1 billion or more), their post largely based on Atomico’s data. Then, on Twitter, Ben Nolan pointed out that…