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The Top 50 Universities Producing VC-Backed Entrepreneurs

It’s that time of year again! Back-to-school season means back to the PitchBook Platform, to check out which universities are producing the most VC-backed graduates, both from the undergrad and MBA levels. We decided to dig a bit deeper this year and look at the global college rankings. Curious if your alma mater made the cut? Click on to find out.

PE Exits & Inventory Highlights for 1H 2014

Our 2H 2014 Global PE Exits and Company Inventory report published a couple days ago. Utilizing thousands of company profiles and exit stats drawn from the PitchBook Platform, it examines key trends emerging from exit activity and shifts in global PE-backed company inventory. Click through for an overview of what we found.

Global Sub $200M VC Fundraising

Our Additions to Tomasz Tunguz’s Seed Fundraising Post

We are big fans of Tomasz Tunguz’s blog (www.tomtunguz.com) and highly suggest you add it to your required reading list. He just published this post—The Three Most Important Trends in the Seed Fund Raising Market—that looks at data showing an increase in funds under $200 million raised by institutional VCs. Based on the data, he…

Expired Parking Meter

The Rise of Parking Startups

Picture this: You commute to your 9 to 5 job every weekday, leaving your driveway empty from, well, 9 to 5. Someone else works near where you live and spends valuable time each morning driving around in circles to find a parking spot, or coughs up more than they will pay for lunch to pull…

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The Geography of U.S. PE Investments

If you are having trouble viewing the map or are unable to see the hovers showing county investment totals, we recommend making sure you have the most recent version of your browser installed, or using IE 8 (or later) or Chrome. Feel free to browse the above interactive graphic containing U.S. PE deal counts by county for…

U.S. PE & VC Fundraising Update

With the first half of the year at a close, PitchBook recently released its 2H 2014 U.S. PE & VC Fundraising and Capital Overhang Report. The report examines PE and VC fundraising activity and trends, as well as the current amount of dry powder and other stats. In today’s video, PitchBook TV takes a look at…