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In Record Quarter for VC, Bay Area Stands Out

In the largest quarter for total VC capital invested since 1Q 2000, Bay Area companies came out as clear winners in 2Q, bringing in a huge amount of capital with some grandiose valuations. To learn more about how the Bay Area and other regions fared in 2Q 2014, check out the datagraphics in this article.

VC Deal Activity 2Q 2014

Venture Valuations Skyrocket in 2Q 2014

As the second quarter of 2014 comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on all things VC that occurred during the past three months. And what better way to do that than to check out PitchBook’s quarter-end datagraphic, packed full of interesting stats and facts. Click to see more.

PE Deal Activity 2Q 2014

Most IPOs Since 2006: Private Equity’s 2Q 2014

Just as 2014 approaches the halfway mark, here’s a snapshot of PE activity in 2Q, chock-full of visually appetizing facts and figures. A few highlights: driven by higher valuations, the median deal size is up 59% since 2Q 2013, while deal activity has fallen below the levels seen in the past three quarters; the five…

Geography of U.S. Venture Investment

The Geography of U.S. Venture Investments

  If you are having trouble viewing the map or are unable to see the hovers showing county investment totals, we recommend making sure you have the most recent version of your browser installed, or using IE 8 (or later) or Chrome. Go ahead and spend some time exploring the map above. It illustrates the total dollar…


PE and VC In the USA and Germany: How Do They Compare?

One of the bigger matchups so far in the World Cup brings powerhouse Germany and the underdog United States together in a battle to move on from the group stage. The two teams go head to head on Thursday in Recife, Brazil. The two countries are also powerhouses in the private capital arena. Click on for the latest installment in our World Cup series.

Bill Gates addresses public health officials in Geneva in 2011. | Source: U.S. Embassy Geneva, Wikimedia Commons

Philanthropists Enter VC Game with Impact Investing

The Gates Foundation is one organization leading the way on “impact investing,” which involves using endowment money to directly finance private-sector companies that can advance their causes, while also potentially bringing profit back to the foundation for future investment. Read on to learn more.