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Sourcing Talent with PitchBook

We’re now tracking nearly 800,000 people in our database. Rawr. Actively recruiting? Here are some tips on sourcing talent in the PitchBook Platform. With all the talk about Google’s and Uber’s CFOs stepping down (for admirable reasons, I might add), I’m going to focus this search on CFOs. Plus, our customer success team is frequently asked about…

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VCs enter the drone zone

The word “drone” may summon thoughts of the unmanned aerial vehicles used for defense and espionage in modern warzones, but the devices have more recently made their way into the personal and commercial markets. Venture capital from investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Google Ventures is helping startups get creative with…


Top takeaways from our inaugural M&A report

Our first annual M&A report analyzes deal flow, sector trends and more using data sourced in a new way to produce the most accurate look at M&A in the industry. You can read about our research methodology here, but to catch several highlights of the report, scan the salient points below or watch the report’s author recap…


Q&A: Cascadia Capital Talks U.S. Pacific Northwest M&A Scene

We recently reached out to Cascadia Capital’s Christian Schiller to get his take on the U.S. Pacific Northwest’s M&A and economic scene. He was kind enough to work with several other Cascadia professionals to develop the following comprehensive answers to our questions. Per Cascadia’s recent post on how the NW economy will outpace the U.S.’s…

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Reassessing M&A data – Bigger isn’t always better

Tracking private market data is a tricky business, but it can be done well. In our eight years of business, we’ve strived to create a reliable and comprehensive information source of private market financial data. In 2007, we began tracking this data, focusing on private equity before building out our LP and fund performance numbers…


PE Q&A: PE is Evolving, Says Bunder

As part of our inaugural M&A Report, which publishes Tuesday, March 10th, we reached out to EY’s Global Private Equity Leader, Jeff Bunder, to get his take on the current PE market, including valuations and the slowdown in take-private activity. He also shared his thoughts on an evolution taking place in the PE industry, which has become much more “rigorous” in its approach to value creation.