A Safer Bet: The Biotech & Pharma Ecosystem

Pharmaceuticals & biotechnology companies are tempting investment opportunities; who wouldn’t want to back a company that can tap into the swelling demand for more and better drugs? But there are less-risky companies in the space that aren’t drug discovery or manufacturing firms. Click the article to learn more.

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Bitcoin Gaining Traction with VCs

Since bitcoin reached the venture industry’s radar in 2012, there have been 24 VC financings of U.S.-based bitcoin companies (as of 1Q 2014), with 14 last year and five alone in the first quarter of 2014. To find out which bitcoin companies have collected the most VC money and which firms have been willing to invest, click on.

Video: The Top 5 Takeaways from 1Q

With 1Q over, what takeaways should you know about and keep in mind as we progress through 2Q and the rest of 2014? Here are the top 5 highlights and key private equity trends of 1Q from PitchBook’s recently released 2Q 2014 U.S. PE Breakdown report: 2014 off to a strong start 2014 got off…

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The Finer Things in Funding: PE, VC and the Arts

Head honchos at PE and VC firms may donate to museums and sit on the boards of dance and theater companies, but do the firms themselves contribute money to the arts? The days when artists had rich patrons are long-gone, but there must be some examples of PE and VC firms supporting the arts. To find out what PitchBook’s data turned up, click ahead.

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PE Fundraising Continues Brisk Pace Set in 2013

Private equity fundraising continued the brisk pace set throughout 2013, as 74 funds closed on $39 billion in commitments in 1Q 2014, data from PitchBook’s upcoming 2Q 2014 U.S. PE Breakdown show. To find out what fundraising trends emerged in the first quarter, click on for a preview of PitchBook’s PE Breakdown Report.

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Bay Area Reverses Decline in VC Investment in 1Q 2014

The San Francisco Bay Area reversed a three-quarter decline in venture capital financings, as VC firms poured $5.0 billion across 321 deals in 1Q 2014, both increases over 4Q 2013’s figures, early quarter-end PitchBook data show. To read more about the Bay Area and other regions, as well as view quarter-end datagraphics, click on.